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Hari pertama bibirku nggak kering lagi, tapi masih pecah-pecah. Hari kedua kulit bibir yang kemarin kering itu jadi lebih lembab dan bisa di eksfoliasi, aku eksfoliasi pake sikat gigiku. Hari ketiga dan keempat, bibirku udah nggak kering dan nggak pecah-pecah lagi tapi masih ada bekas pecah-pecah yang kemarin. Hari kelima bibirku lembab selembab-lembabnya, nggak ada kulit kering, nggak ada bekas luka kemarinnya. AKU BAHAGIA SEKETIKAA. Pernah juga beberapa hari lalu, pas aku lagi foto footage buat sebuah postingan ternyata ada foto bare lips aku. Kondisi ini, bibirku nggak kering ngeletek tapi pecah. Nah, beberapa hari kemudian bibirku udah jauh lebih baik.


“I have used other Papaya ointments but was happy when a skin irritation on my face, which usually takes a few days to clear with other brands, disappeared literally overnight. And the ointment was easy to use and left my skin soft and “ungreasy”. Congrats – I’m a definite Pure by Phytocare Papaya Ointment with Calendula convert!”



“I am using this product every day! I love it! I have found that the general run of the mill lip glosses burn my lips – something in it doesn’t like me! I am almost 23 weeks pregnant and I really don’t want to be using anything that isn’t natural! This feels so good on and no horrible after taste which is a huge winner with me!”



“I absolutely adore the Phytocare Papaya ointment. I am not a big fan of having product on my lips but this ointment as a lip balm is light and comfortable for me to wear. Only problem is I’ve let my workmate try it and unfortunately it keeps getting swiped off my desk at work (might have to buy her one for Christmas!!).”


“I am just trialing this product after always using Lucas brand, but finding it lovely to use, great texture, smells great and effective against chapped lips in these cold winter winds. I am happy to recommend this product, it really is lovely”


“I first discovered phytocare’s papaya ointment when the wife of one of the residents at my nursing home brought it in for her husbands severely cracked/dry lips. We applied it for him twice daily and within days the difference was amazing! I now too own this miracle cream for my own dry hands, lips, and my sons nappy rash. It has replaced several …Read Moreproducts we had in the cupboard and I have recommended it to all my friends.”


“I love this stuff!
magic lotion’ for eczema skin.
Because winter is here, my partner and I suffer from eczema at some parts of our legs (mine’s on the shin while his on his thigh). I applied it on the affected areas and it works like magic! After we applied it, the itching literally stopped after 2-3 mins. And after 2 days, the redness and itchiness subsided a lot. My partner calls this the magic
lotion! We both absolutely love it!”

Daniel Thompson

“The great thing is that it actually works – my very bad burn was reduced within a couple hours and gone altogether in less than 2 days.”

Benny San

“Use it after shower stop itch and smooth really amazing.”

A.A Hamon

“A grade forever!!
I sail the Whitsundays in my 40 ft. cat and am always diving and exploring. Nothing comes close to this pawpaw ointment. I use it on every skin cut, scratch, sore, bite, rash. After washing apply to face arms sometimes my whole body!! Been using it in the hot tropics of this area for 7 years now. Fantastic..heals overnight. I travel the world with it..don’t need anything else.. Thank you!!!”


“I have always used lucas paw paw, since I was a kid, and swear by it still to this day for many uses, HOWEVER, I have really bad eczema on 1 of my fingers and have used so many things for it, including lucas paw paw and many creams prescribed by different doctors, nothing has worked even half as well as Pure Nutraceuticals paw paw ointment and I have been recommending it to everyone since.”


“I bought a big jar of this paw paw ointment. I use it on my face in winter and my skin loves it, I glow the next day and my skin feels supple and looks healthy. I like the smell, I like everything about this product. Plus it’s Australian made and owned. ”


“Great to prevent abrasions when running or biking. Stops my back-pack chafing on epic runs. Good for lips and really dry hands too!”

Fay Ward

“pure, all round cream while cruising ; I was sold the papaya ointment from a chemist in BROOME; it is irreplaceable as I have used it on various skin irritations e.g. vaginal dryness , itchy skin sores, nasal allergy etc.”


“I was recommended this product at the chemist for my sons nappy rash from teething, his skin was broken and extremely red, I had already tried powder, bepanthem and sudocream. I applied PURE Papaya Ointment before he went to bed and the next morning it had already cleared up 70% of his rash, after 3 days his rash is gone, so glad this product was brought to my attention.”


“The Papaya Ointment is doing a great job of soothing the drool-affected skin around the mouth of Miss 10 months. It’s a really great product and I feel comfortable using it near her mouth. Thanks for putting me on to it!”


“I just wanted to thank you so much for such a beautiful product. I tried the papaya ointment for my new-borns terrible cradle cap and eczema. I had tried everything under the sun the help it all but with no success. Finally a naturopath suggested this and within a couple of days her cradle cap had moisten up and was starting to flake off. Her problem was that when removing the cradle cap her he would weep but with this product she now has beautiful soft skin. I make sure I always have a tube on me now for anything. Thank you so much for solving this problem”
Kind regards,

S. K. SA

“Thanks for the Papaya ointment, when it arrived in the mail I chucked it in the nappy bag & was sure glad I did when the next day we were out & my toddler had a sore bott, with only 2 applications the nappy rash was all better & she didn’t complain about her sore bott as she normally would. It was good to get the info sheet about the papaya ointment too, it has so many uses. Thanks again.”


“Wouldn’t use anything else on my baby’s bottom!
I received this product from a friend as a baby shower gift who rates it for its many uses for both mum and baby. I’ve never used anything else on my daughter’s skin. She has never had a nappy rash and her skin is always soft. I also use the surplus to give my hands some TLC while I am changing her. As you don’t need to use much it is economical, the small 100g tube lasts me about 6 months! However the 200g tubs work out even better value. Love this product and recommend it to all my friends who are having babies!”

Fiona McCall

“I recently was given the Lucas Papaw ointment for my new baby and cracked nipples, but was not impressed with the use of Petrochemicals and so did not use it. Then at the Pulse pharmacy I saw your Papaya ointment and thought I would give it a go. It has been amazing! Not only have I used it on my nipples (which are now fine), I have used it for my baby’s dry skin, eyebrows and what I believe was the beginning of cradle cap, my husband and I have also used it on a bit of athletes foot and it has healed it all! Absolutely fantastic product! Thank you so much, I will be telling everyone I know! I now carry one with me and have another at home.”


“I bought this product based on others reviews to use as a nipple cream while breast feeding my twins. It has worked really well as a moisturiser and excellently as a lube for the breast pump and it tastes nice with no nasty chemicals so is good for babies latching. As far as healing goes it is pretty good but not nearly as quick and effective as Schuessler Tissue Salts Cream Calc Fluor. So I use a combination of both tissue salts when the babies aren’t going to feed soon. And the paw paw when they may ingest it. -not that I would encourage large ingestion of it but residue may not be too bad.”


“I was given this as a gift with my first baby and I’m really Wow-ed! I used it on sore and cracked nipples and it was just so soothing and because the ointment is moist, it glides gently and easily which help with the soreness. I tried medela nipple cream and it can’t even compare to paw paw. It was dry and hard to put on my nipple and it caused me a lot of pain. Great product this one and highly recommended!”



I just thought I’d drop a quick email, to let you know that I have been using the papaya ointment on my twins, to protect them from nappy rash, since they were born a week and a half ago.

I absolutely love this product and am not one to send emails to comment on things but with this I just had to let you know how much I love it. My mother has never seen a product work efficiently….

It’s so smooth to go on, smells just lovely! LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks heaps and I can’t wait to share this product with all the girls in my mother’s group and my friends on facebook! ”

A. H.

“Growing up on the beaches, I spent a lot of time in the sun. Earlier this year my dermatologist identified an actinic keratosis which was precancerous. I had the benign lesion burnt off via laser therapy and was left with a red, inflamed burn on the area. The dermatologist recommended I apply ointment to the area to prevent it drying out and scarring. I decided to try the new Papaya Ointment with Calendula and found it soothed the burning and itching immediately. 3 weeks on, I am still applying the ointment daily and my skin has healed beautifully and the mark has reduced significantly. Thank you!”

Linda Mc Dyre

“I’m using your *amazing* ointment on my newest tattoo and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. Only one day new and it’s healing quickly, there is barely any redness and the ointment keeps my skin hydrated for hours. No more nasty bepanthen for me. I ♥ this product!”