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The NATRUE Label sets a high standard when it comes to defining the naturalness of cosmetic products. It helps consumers’ identity Natural and Organic Cosmetics truly worthy of that name.

To date, thousands of products worldwide carry the NATRUE Label and many more are in the process of certification.

When the NATRUE Label appears on a package, you can be sure that the product it contains is not only compliant with a strict standard but also that a reliable certification process has been carried out by independent certification bodies which are themselves subjected to a rigorous accreditation process with NATRUE’s partner IOAS.

This ensures that each and every NATRUE certified product provides consumers with several guarantees:

NATRUE defines its Label Criteria through an independent Scientific Committee – which ingredients are or are not accepted, minimum and maximum thresholds guaranteeing maximum naturalness and minimum derived natural ingredients are set

NATRUE Approved Certifiers – independent bodies in charge of certification activities (food, cosmetics, textile, sustainability standards etc.)

The verification of whether the products comply with the NATRUE Criteria or not by the NATRUE Approved Certifiers – a two-phase process – a formulation and ingredients audit followed by an on-site production inspection. Re-certification takes place every two years

IOAS – inspect the certification bodies on a four-yearly cycle, making sure that the NATRUE Approved Certifiers are competent enough to perform NATRUE’s certification activities.